J.W. 3/17/20

"Sandra asks a lot of question to make sure she understands exactly what you want. I love my new hairstyle, thank you so much Sandra!"

Robyn 2/01/20

"Sandra does an amazing job. I wasn't sure how I wanted my hair done but after talking with Sandra, she came up with a great style! I would HIGHLY recommend her."

Mary 1/13/20

"Sandra is very good at what she does. Very friendly & makes people feel comfortable. It's really difficult to go to a new hairstylist but she make the transtion so nice & easy. Thank you!"

Holly 12/28/19

"I so enjoyed my time with Sandra. Finding a comfortable place has taken awhile, but I will be here for the long run! Sandra did a great job and was very pleasant. Thank you!"

Tammy 12/18/19

"I love Sandra's hair cuts and styles. She seems to know exactly how to handle my hair, and I can style it myself more easily than with previous cuts."

Connie 12/17/19

"Sandra is so wonderful-she listens to my wishes short term and long term and did exactly as I asked. She was so good at explaining what and why she does things as she does to get the results I'm looking for."

Janine 12/08/19

“Sandra was very caring while doing my hair. She talked through exactly what it was I wanted and delivered great results. Would absolutely recommend!

Ashley 9/10/2019

"Sandra is AMAZING!! She listens to what you want and gives you that and more!!  Dependable, professional and so kind! You won't regret your decision!"

Adrian 7/22/2019